These young people we meet

"The young people we meet (18 - 25 years old), wherever we anchor, are often and similarly struck either by the global economic downturn or by not preparing to approach a changing world."

Many are suffering unemployment, often have more acute problems than those we know in our country. They have a good education and live a meaningful economic development of their countries. They lack perspective, are struggling to formulate and implement projects. Even with a degree, many young people are in real difficulties and many are not having managed to get a single interview, internship, even after several months of efforts.

The origin of the difficulties is often the same over many locations of the world :

  • A gap between the theoretical education and expectations by worldwide economical environment.
  • A lack of preparation of graduates for entry into the workforce.
  • A lack of visibility of the potential offered in certain countries or regions.
  • Doubts, pessimism, lack of confidence. Originally, often with a lack of support, encouragement to risk, to try, to take.