These young people we meet

The young people we meet, wherever we anchor, regardless of the ocean, the sea, the island, are often and similarly hit either by economic recession, by uncertainties, or by no preparation to approach a world in full change.

Many of them are unemployed, often have more difficulties than those we know in our countries of origin. They have a good level of education, and live a significant economic development of their country. On the other hand, they lack perspectives, have difficulty in formulating and carrying out projects. Even with a diploma, many young people are in real difficulties and they are numerous to not have managed to obtain a simple maintenance, an internship, even after several months of steps.

The origin of the difficulties is often the same over many places of the world :

  • A gap between the theoretical education and expectations by worldwide economical environment.
  • A lack of preparation of graduates for entry into the workforce.
  • A lack of visibility of the potential offered in certain countries or regions.
  • Doubts, pessimism, lack of confidence. Originally, often with a lack of support, encouragement to risk, to try, to create.

One of the vocations of Sailors For The Future: to help open windows to the world for these young people. From our ships, pontoons or bays where we put our anchors.

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