Sailors bring good news to the youth!

Sailors traveling the world, there are thousands, to dock our boat and constantly to be received "with smile, open arms". We love these live fingerprint hospitality adventures. We are often surprised, moved, by the way we are received, welcomed.

We sometimes make extraordinary human encounters, unusual, unexpected, is one of the main reasons for this choice of life we ​​have. We discover other cultures, other worlds.

We come from many countries, often from Europe, North America, but not exclusively.

For many of us, these islands where we land are places of retreat or retirement paradise.

We often have stayed a few weeks or months while a step, or longer for others. We are here by choice, simply because we are there well.

We are seniors and mature majority have come mostly good part of the world have discovered new models of society have felt seen or perceived changes, initiatives.

After often enjoyed successful careers. We have a rich and varied experience. We took advantage of "30 glorious." Our success has often been driven by an easier time than the one faced by young people today.

We learned a lot of things.

"It is now time to share our knowledge, to transmit is for us a great motivation, a new stage, towards a new horizon, that of the future. "

We want to make what is offered to us when we received, where our ships carry us.

After the players met, we have the opportunity to become contributors to the new generations.

It is the vocation of

Sailors For The Future.