We act where we drop anchor

Sailors For The Future lives where you are:

Initially, the project brings together a core of sailors particularly involved or very "in love with an island, a port, an anchorage, a Marina". A thunderbolt ! It is this small but very involved team that will launch the organization on this island. They have also obtained the enthusiastic support of local personalities (captain of the Harbor Master's Office, school directors, local governors, mayors, bar bosses, local media, etc. It is this mix between navigators and local personalities that guarantees the success of launch and sustainability of a project.


The association has always received a positive welcome from those to whom it has already been presented. It is supported, recommended. It is recommended by the navigators initiators of the project to make themselves known by meeting local institutions: town hall, administration, university, maritime authorities, local government, media (TV, press), all social organizations involved in the future of young people. A paper brochure is published and other popular materials will be distributed, some of them for use by mariners, they will be available at local marinas, at customs offices.

Launch work:

A document presenting Sailors for the future exists in French, English, Spanish.

For the Future Sailors - French - Grenadines

The following documents will be created in adaptation of the documents already created in the previous initiatives:

- Sailors recruitment Leaflets

Leaflet English recruitment browsers - Site Tyrrel Bay / Carriacou

- Table Bookmarks to the bar where is held the weekly meeting.

Table marker bar - English

Table Marker - French Version

Sailors For the Future - English - Table Markers

- Press release for local media

- Official presentation file for local political, academic, administrative and associative authorities.

- Flyers invitation youth

- Invitation Flyers Sailors

Flyers invitation browsers - English

- Bar Posters

Bar Posters - French Version

- Marinas Posters

- Flyers for recruitment of sailors

- Establishment of an informal local office of the organization. Distribution of the main tasks among members.