Island of Carriacou, The Grenadines: the stake is that of the future

Launching an Event
for the future
from Carriacou
& Little Martinique!

Short term :

Sailors For The Future will participate in an event for the Future of Carriacou.

The launch itself faces the specificities of the island: 7000 inhabitants, low number of browsers permanently present, dependence v / s "his big sister" Grenada. In total, some twenty young people and 6 / navigators were involved in the meetings. 4 training projects are being supported.

Young people are becoming more regular, present and motivated by their future. And we now have a broad understanding of the needs of young people and the challenges they face regarding their future.

Wetting Tyrrel Bay - a place conducive to hospitality

A first positive, professional or academic training opportunities are almost all available to the island of Grenada seen in other Caribbean islands. Element determining the cost of these studies is not very high, even if it is relative compared to the local standard of living. Thus, the annual cost of education rises from fees for technical training at EC $ 1400, to this must be added the fees of approximately EC $ 300. In general, local youth have the family relocated to Grenada which can provide accommodation.

A key point, the level of low cost, is still inaccessible to local families. Very few parents have the ability to support projects of education of young people.

Sailors and youth during a meeting in Tyrrel Bay

Locally: No future?

The major fact, the most remarkable, is the low level of local perspectives. This, in terms of economic potential, with possible added values ​​or the prospects of social support. It is clear that except from small limited initiatives related to tourism, traditional beach restaurants and shops of textiles, we find very few companies active in Carriacou. Even the knowledge boat building material seems to disappear over time. Due to the high costs and few customers.

This lack of potential in the island itself leads young people to not only look for potential training elsewhere, but also to not be able to consider returning to the island of their birth after this training. They will often return only when they retire. For those who will not have access to training elsewhere, the local future outlook remains extremely weak.

It is therefore not conceivable to talk about future potential for these young people without addressing a priority subject: the development of the island itself.

A priority objective: Creating value added to Carriacou!

Outside of this perspective, the island will always face the same evils: those who will have the means, will go to study outside the island, and once acquired the profession, will practice it elsewhere, the others will remain on the island with few prospects, except for small irregular work. It is crucial to break this fatality of lack of local perspectives.

The chosen way: to rely on a considerable resource of the island

There is a considerable resource in Carriacou, available, in number, able to create, to invent, to innovate, and above all, involved and interested in the future of Carriacou:

Young people from 16 to 21 years old.

These young people, the most concerned, would be likely to generate ideas, innovations, if they were associated with an event.

Solution retained, in progress the launch

of A competition reserved for the young people of the island of 16 at 21 ans on the theme:

I compete for the future of Carriacou and Petite Martinique!

Poster project for the launch of the "Projects for Carriacou" operation

Call for projects for the future of the island of Carriacou and Petit Martinique:

  • Who will be involved?

Youth from 16 to 21 years born in Carriacou and Petite Martinique

  • How will young people be motivated?

A jury will select the XNUMX best projects, the authors of these projects will be offered to continue studies of their choice free of charge.

  • What types of projects will be evaluated?

Any creation, new idea, business (commercial, industrial, craft), an association (social, cultural)

  • What will the project evaluation criteria be?
  • Creating added value, economic, social, cultural, for the benefit of Carriacou and Petite Martinique Islands
  • Enhancing the image of the islands
  • To be viable in the long term
  • Generate employment
  • Respect the character of the island
  • To respect the environment
  • To be economically, financially profitable

The key point of competition organization

  • The participants :
    • The contest is open to young people of Carriacou and Petit Martinique, boys and girls, ages from 16 to 25 years. Each project is individual.
  • The places of organization:
    • The competition and promoted by schools and their teachers for schoolchildren. For out-of-school youth, all public, social and cultural venues will be called upon to promote the contest and to collect entries.
  • The launch date:
    • The launch is scheduled for February 2018
  • The end date:
    • The contest will end with the selection and award ceremony in June 2018

Presentation: Participants will choose the medium or the most appropriate way of presenting their projects. Each participant will have a registration number that will follow the project.

Projects will be submitted:

In pre-selection phase: at a committee of professionals and personalities.

In Selection Phase: All citizens of the island will vote in favor of projects

How will the projects be presented: On posters that will be exposed and argued verbally by their creators in the main street of Illsborough.

The financing:

Will be solicited, for the financing of the contest itself, then for the realization of the projects:

Private and public sponsors, brand or company name will be highlighted in all media used for promotion and organization of the competition.

equity fund calls (Crowdfounding)

And the future

Once the selected projects, each of them will be a realization of study, a production committee will be established, support will be sought, the ideas realized.